What Is Infusionsoft Used For?

What is Infusionsoft used for? Wow, I mean what isn’t Infusionsoft used for!

Basically Infusionsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a very powerful sales and marketing tool for the small business owner or the entrepreneur like myself, that allows us to be able to compete with the big boys out there, if you will. It allows us, as businesses who don’t necessarily have the budget or the man power, to be able to go out there and compete against the Fortune 500 companies or the bigger companies that have dedicated staff, an endless marketing budget!

It’s a very powerful tool. Personally, for myself, I can tell you this, I quintupled my business in the first year by using it and actually ended up working less.

In this article:

Infusionsoft App

First and foremost, as a small business or an entrepreneur, we want to be able to generate leads.

There are many ways Infusionsoft can help us do just this.

My favorite, number one tool is what we at Agency8 have nicknamed the ‘mobile handshake’, which uses the Infusionsoft Mobile App.

Have you ever found yourself with a shoebox full of business cards, which you go to, do anything with, or simply lose?

Well, the Infusionsoft mobile app takes the ‘old school’ business card way of sharing information and brings things up to date with modern technology. With the mobile handshake, you’re able to put details directly into the Infusionsoft app on your mobile device, on the fly, as you’re meeting people, instantly storing their information.

For example, I’m at an event and I say, ‘let’s exchange information’ and the person goes great, give me your business card. I say, well you know what, I’ve gone green, I don’t do business cards any more, I have a cool mobile app. And they say, a mobile app what’s that? And I say, it’s this really cool thing, let me show you. I pull out my phone, (everybody has a phone in their hand or pocket right), and I say what’s your name and I input their name right there.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • And, whatever other kind of information I want to put in there.

I save it and I tag them with a specific note because in today’s day and age, we want to be able to meet people where they are and respond with the information they want, right then, tapping into people’s emotional and spontaneous nature.

Say you’re in the health and wellness industry and have many different products:

  • a weight loss product
  • an energy product
  • a product for athletes
  • a product for women
  • a product for people that are over 100 pounds overweight
  • I could go on…

You are able to create a mobile handshake, so that when you put their information in your phone and tag them with the specific information that they’re interested in (so, men wanting to lose weight, athletes wanting to perform better, need to lose 100 pounds or more etc) they get a message within five minutes from you that is really specific to what you were just talking about and boom, it’s in their phone – immediate follow up!

That’s the next thing, right?

What Is Infusionsoft Used For? – Powerful Follow Up!

After we talk about lead generation, the next ‘big’ thing most people struggle to do to build their business, particularly in Network Marketing, is follow up. I have no problem talking to people, but I was terrible at following up. Now I’m the king of follow up thanks to the mobile handshake – instantly giving people relevant information AND the ability to schedule a call – no more forgetting or losing contacts.

I always ask my coaching clients, what do you think one client be worth to you if you didn’t lose them? What does that income look like? So every time you lose that business card, or don’t follow up – that’s what you are missing out on. That’s very powerful.

Then you’re able to, I call it set the appointment.

Use that mobile handshake to request your next appointment. You can create a drip system (also known as a campaign) inside of Infusionsoft where you send out an email and, with an additional integration like Plus This, send a text.

The text says

‘Hey John, we just met, I’ve emailed you that information as promised and that powerful video I told you about, but if you want to check it out now, click the link below’.

So, I’ve got them covered with the email, I’ve also got them with a text and what I find a lot of the time is, they will just click right on that text AND right on that link. Next, they’re calling me right back because also I put in the text, here’s my VIP phone number if you want to call me right back if you get excited.

Let’s say that it doesn’t happen right away… because we know that happens as well.

The drip system can have several emails and texts. We know through Amazon reported statistics, that it takes people the average of 7 to 10 touches before they make a buying decision. So by using the drop system, we’re sending out an email and a text on day one, day two, day three, maybe take couple days off, then another one and another one, with different calls to action in each, more valuable information and stuff like that – building the number of touches over a period of time.

In all, the Infusionsoft app is a very powerful tool for lead follow up.

Infusionsoft Landing Pages

We can also create Infusionsoft landing pages within the Infusionsoft app.

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘landing page’, the real quick summary of it is; think of a spider’s web, designed to catch food for the spider, if you will, primarily the fly. The landing page for us is our spider’s web out there on the internet, out there in social media, ready to catch new prospects.

We can make a very cool landing page with the Infusionsoft landing page builder in around five minutes.

The great thing about Infusionsoft is you get to create as many of these landing pages as you like, each covering a key product or service, targeting lots of different prospects. Once again, they can each have a drip system behind them, a campaign behind them, providing different information, different calls to action, walking prospects through your sales funnel. You can create all kinds of different campaigns designed to generate leads and sales inside of Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Email

The next way you can use the Infusionsoft app is the email broadcast system.

Emails are still a great way to follow up your contacts. Yes, there are many different other CRMs out there. The common ones are Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp. I’ve used them all, but just being honest with you, Infusionsoft as a CRM is the Tesla of CRM’s in my opinion. It’s just so robust and the deliverability of your emails is phenomenal.

Infusionsoft offers email templates with so much flexibility in terms of design.

When I send an email I can:

  • I can set up, or adjust the look and color
  • Put all of my social media links in
  • I can put my logo in there
  • I can put my signature in there
  • And I can very easily, quickly and efficiently just change emails and reach out different segments of people using tags.
  • Monitor open rates
  • Add tags based on certain actions (e.g. add a specific ‘tag’ if the recipient clicks on a specific link)
  • and much more…

Infusionsoft Tagging

We’re able to tag people inside of Infusionsoft.

What does a tag mean?

Well if you don’t know what a tag is, it’s like putting a little sticky note on somebody so we can identify them better. I’m a coach, a football coach, so if you think of football for example, and on the football field you have your quarterback, you have your offensive line, you have your defensive line, you have your special teams, you have your receivers, you have your running backs, but you got a full back, you got a tail back, you got a wide receiver, a slot receiver. Those would all be different tags.

So, for example, we could tag the football team as athletes. They’re all athletes. But we could also tag them as football players. So now we’re niching down a little deeper. Then we could also tag them as linemen. Then we could also niche down ever further and tag them as offensive linemen and defensive linemen. We could tag them as running backs, fullbacks, half back, quarter back. You’re getting the idea.

So, if I’m in the business of equipment and I had a special for quarterback shoulder pads, rather than me just sending an email to the athletes, or the football players, or the linemen, I can niche it down. I can do an email, ‘hey great news we have these new shoulder pads that are designed specifically for quarterbacks’ and I send it only to the quarterbacks.

Imagine what would happen if I sent that email out to the whole football team?

I’m gonna get people opting out because I’m giving them information that doesn’t make any sense to them and people don’t want a whole bunch of irrelevant emails.

Targeting your audience also increases your deliverability AND your sales, because when people do get regular relevant emails from you, they know it’s going to contain great value and content. I love Infusionsoft tags!

Infusionsoft Features – All The Tools You Need In One Place!

So when you think about it, the most powerful thing the Infusionsoft app does overall, is organize.

When we think about, if we’re not organized in our business, or business isn’t going to thrive.

Infusionsoft has so many features brought together in one place. You’ve got:

  • A CRM for your contacts
  • An email service
  • Web forms
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing automation for effective follow up
  • Campaign builder for sales funnels
  • The ability to create quotes and invoices
  • An e-commerce system for sales
  • Payment collection
  • Tagging
  • Meaningful analytics

It does all of these things for us and I’m able to keep it simple.

Infusionsoft is my assistant!

For example, within Infusionsoft I can set tasks, I call them my mini ninjas.

I have a campaign, a drip campaign and I’m sending out emails or texts etc, I’m able to set it up so that when you open one of them, I can see that you’ve opened it. The system notifies me so that I know that I need to follow up with you and give you a call, or I can automate it, to take a further specific action. It’s like I have a bunch of different staff members watching my different campaigns for me and notifying me at certain points which are important to follow up with that person.

As you grow and you have a staff, you can add users to your Infusionsoft app. Say you’ve got a secretary or an assistant now as you’re growing, you can have jobs assigned to those people, so now when they open this email, you’re gonna have your assistant call and follow up on it.

We all know that video is king right now, well with certain add-on applications (e.g. Plus This), you can even set it up so we can see if someone watched a video you sent AND how long they watched it for. Ten seconds, 30 seconds, three minutes, did they watch the whole thing?

Then we can set up different automated follow up email campaigns depending on how long they watched the video. E.g if they only watch it 10 seconds, follow up with an email that says, ‘hey I know life gets crazy, and I know things are busy, so here’s the link again in case you lost it’ etc. If they watched the whole thing, you can reward them with stuff.

What you can do with Infusionsoft in my opinion is endless. It truly is.

Wow, I haven’t even covered E-commerce! You can set up an E-commerce shopping cart and have people purchase right through your Infusionsoft. Everything that you need to do in your business, you can do it with your Infusionsoft app.

Infusionsoft actually has a reputation for being known as ‘Confusion Soft’, and honestly that couldn’t be further from the truth. But, if you’re overwhelmed, if you’re finding yourself challenged by it, or the thought of using a CRM. If you feel you need help, the great thing is that I’m available – I can help speed up the learning process. Agency8 (who are Infusionsoft Certified Partners) offer you an amazing support system;

  • You’ve got a private Facebook group
  • Monthly group training
  • A free one-hour launch session to get your system set up (most agencies charge thousands of dollars for that, we do it for free).

I’m gonna set you up with that mobile handshake I talked about earlier, I’m gonna set you up with your standard email template to get you started and then we can sit down and talk about your goals and decide about where you want to go and how fast you want to get there – you’ve got a lot of options.

Hopefully I’ve fully answered the question ‘What is Infusionsoft Used For?’ so are you ready to jump on board?

Once again, my name is Coach Real and I’m here to help you – just get in touch. We are committed to helping the small business owners be successful and I’m committed to taking you from where you are to where you deserve to be.

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