Do You Want It?

Do you want it? Or are you just talking about it?

“To be or not to be.”

Are you ready to show up and walk into your power, or are you just going to sit on the side lines and watch everyone walk into your calling?

You have been put on this earth for a reason, not just to take up space. Can you imagine going through your entire life and not finding your calling?

I remember when I went to my 1st real funeral…up until then I had only seen Hollywood’s version of a funeral on T.V. My interpretation was a lot of people, saying really nice things about you and what great things you had done.

Well when I arrived at the grave site of my girlfriends at the time 87-year-old Grandfather and expected all these people to be there, I was surrounded by only the Mother, Father, Sister, Grandmother and my Girlfriend and my head started to spin.

I remember going I am not going to walk this earth for 87 years and have such little effect that no one will come to my funeral. It was from that point that I made it my mission to wake up every day and grind like it was my last day on this earth.

I started the motto “How do you want to be remembered, what do you want on your tombstone?”

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want you to think about how often you have a thought, an urge to do something and then you get in your head and talk yourself out of it. Ask yourself why do you continually do that. Is it possible you are afraid to be successful? Is it easier to stay comfortable in the world you live in rather than fall on your face? I ask people to set goals all the time and they won’t do it.

Is it because they are afraid of what happens if they don’t achieve it? Can I keep it real with you, do you know how often I set goals and don’t achieve them? All the time…but I just pick myself up and get back after the next one. All successful people fail, in fact they fail a lot. The difference is they are not just running their mouth, they are not just saying “I want it”, they are actually taking action and making it happen. I promise you just by showing up you will be way ahead of the game. You will actually separate yourself from the rest of the world because the reality is 97% people are just running their mouth.

It is actually so easy to be successful if you were able to step out of the picture and see into the future you would see how close you are to achieving your goals it would blow your mind.

Here is one thing I know for sure: if you are going through trials, right now, if you are struggling, if you feel like the world is crumbling down on you, that there is no hope and you are ready to quit.

DON’T. You are right there! You are about to have some major break throughs. This is your time.

You are being called to greatness. To have a victory you have to go through the battles…did you notice I said battles? Champions fight and they fight hard. I see a Champion in everyone, what makes me really sad that you don’t see it. On my podcast Getting Real we deal with real life issues that are stopping Champions like yourself be everything you were created to be.

I will not give up on you, I am on a mission to help everyone be everything they were created to be.

“I will believe in you, till you believe in yourself”

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