Do You Want To Look Amazing On Video AND Produce Crushing Killer Content AND Increase Your ROI?

  • Do you struggle with ‘what to do’ on video?

  • Does putting yourself on video scare you, or make you feel weird?

  • Do you know how to ‘perform’ on video?

  • Do you know the type of content to put into your videos?

Video marketing is the most impactful way to build your business.

90% of customers claim videos help them make purchase decisions!

As an Emmy Award winning Actor and a 7 Figure Entrepreneur, I will help you get through all the weirdness, be comfortable and know what to do on camera. You will look amazing on video and will be producing crushing video with killer content, so you can get paid what you are worth.

By teaching you all the Hollywood tools, skills and nuggets I have learned over the past 40 years that have enabled me to win a Emmy and now be a very Successful Entrepreneur

Ninja Video Secrets - How To Get Noticed On Youtube

In this advanced video marketing class we will dig deeper on:

  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Lighting
  • Music, effects, transitions, graphics
  • Lighting for outdoor shoots
  • Developing copy
  • Techniques on how to memorize your scripts (vocal inflection, word emphasis, etc.).

Course Outline (6 Week Program)

How to set up your YouTube channel in depth as far as channels, promotion, tagging.

How to get your video’s seen and ranked high on Google.

How to break down scripts through different acting techniques, such as method acting and sense memory teaching.

How to emotionally connect with your content and bring it to life in a way that your passion will shine so bright people will follow you to the ends of the earth to watch you burn.

We will learn Ninja tricks when it comes to live streaming.

We will develop your Hero, About and personal story and how to really bring it to life.

We will learn what is the best camera, software, and tools to use to make you look like a professional without going broke doing it.

Take advantage of all of the techniques, tips, and ninja nuggets I have learned over the past 39 years as a working actor in Hollywood!

Coach Réal Andrews - Ninja Video Secrets

Power Price $397
(per attendee)

Ninja Video Secrets Advanced Level



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Karen Schneider



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William Pavlik

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