Have you lost your inner child? Table dancing at its best

I have been working with an Amazing Life Coach Alex Urbina on a journey to be everything I was created to be. What we are talking about really is being totally vulnerable and authentic. Free. Being driven and guided by our spirit and not our Ego. Some where along the way we lose our inner child and become driven by our ego afraid to fail, to take chances to listen to that inner voice our spirit and just be and love unconditionally. I was looking for some old stunt tapes and look what I found . Those of you who know me , know I certainly have lost my inner child along the way. The great news is I have found Alex Urbina who is helping me to get that inner child back I watch this video and it really makes me sad.  As I watch myself I ask myself, when did i get so serious, when did I stop having fun. There has to be more in life . I want that Réal back. Is there anyone else who feels that they have lost their inner child . That watches this video and says man I use to be crazy like that , just do things on a impulse . Maybe it is time to get your inner child back. I highly encourage you to keep an open mind and say hmmmm maybe.

Or maybe you are so far gone that you watch this and go . He needs to grow up, what Adult acts like that. What kind of example is he setting for his kids?

Once again I say . Maybe it is time to get your inner child back. I highly encourage you to keep an open mind and say hmmmm maybe.

Share in the comments below if you feel you have lost your inner child and when and what the last crazy , spur of the moment thing you did. I would really appreciate to hear from you thanks in advance. God Bless Réal

Réal Andrews is a husband, father, actor, motivational speaker, author, radio host, and whole health consultant. He specializes in a variety of fitness and exercise focuses, and has created quality programming for individuals and groups with the goals of increasing self-esteem, transforming physical fitness and changing lives in a way that no other fitness professional has been able to accomplish. Réal and his wife, Michelle are Advocare Independent Distributors In Santa Clarita, California. They work with everyone from athletes to real estate professionals to doctors and teachers, trainers, coaches and stay at home moms and dads. Réal has recently started a new radio show, Getting Real, along with co-host, Santa Clarita Life Coach, Alex Urbina, on KHTS Radio. For more information on Réal Andrews, visit his website RealAndrews.com or check out his other sites, The Warrior Box and Fuel 4 Anglers.  Click here to check out the latest podcasts of Getting Real.

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