From Within


As I watched people dress-up for Halloween, open their bags and say, “Trick or

Treat,” it made me think about what we do to ourselves each and every day. How

many times do we trick ourselves, faking our way through things, hoping to get a

success or treat in some way, but not getting what it is we really want?

Sometimes, we get lucky, or seem to get a leg up but then we fall back to where

we were, back to our old habits due to old ways of thinking. This drives me crazy

because I can see a potential for greatness and it’s not being realized.

It’s my firm belief that each of us is prewired for greatness. Somewhere along the

way, we may get off-track, but it doesn’t have to be that way and with some

commitment and faith, you can get back on track and live your greatness.

There are some steps involved with getting on the right path, many I learned from

the great Bob Proctor and I’d like to share some insights with you:

1. Come from a grateful heart. Many of us have been kicked around and we

may feel like “that’s fine for the other guy, but you don’t know what I’ve

lived.” That’s the whole point though. Wherever you’re at, look, see, there

is something to be grateful for so concentrate on it, and appreciate it.

2. Visualize yourself living an amazingly abundant life, whatever that looks like

to you. See it, close your eyes and concentrate on it and start believing that

it can be yours, because it can.

3. Start creating a pathway to your abundant life. What steps can you take

today, tomorrow, this week, this month and this year to get you to the

place you visualize? Start writing it down and commit to it.

4. The thing about commitment is that many of us commit only when it’s

convenient and that isn’t where it’s at. You need to commit, really commit,

so when you don’t feel like doing, when you can think of a million excuses

in the world not to do it, that you do it anyway. You cannot change unless

you get serious here.

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