Breaking Into…Acting and Success Coaching with Réal Andrews | Black Hollywood Live

Black Hollywood Live

Breaking Into…Acting and Success Coaching with Réal Andrews | Black Hollywood Live


Breaking Into… — In this episode Black Hollywood Live host James Lott Jr. interviews Réal Andrews.

This is such a jam packed interview full of some great nuggets to help you be all you were created to be. James was even able to pull some never before revealed things about me 🙂 It is not often you get to have such fun in an interview. James really has a gift and a passion for what he does. Check it out. While your watching it if someone is put on your heart that may be able to relate to some of the powerful topics we talk about please share it with them . Or if you just enjoy it yourself we would appreciate it if you share it as well and as always . We love to hear from you go Ahead and leave us a comment and I will personally get back with you.

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Réal Andrews is a husband, father, actor, motivational speaker, author, radio host, and whole health consultant. He specializes in a variety of fitness and exercise focuses, and has created quality programming for individuals and groups with the goals of increasing self-esteem, transforming physical fitness and changing lives in a way that no other fitness professional has been able to accomplish. Réal and his wife, Michelle are Advocare Independent Distributors In Santa Clarita, California. They work with everyone from athletes to real estate professionals to doctors and teachers, trainers, coaches and stay at home moms and dads. Réal has recently started a new radio show, Getting Real, along with co-host, Santa Clarita Life Coach, Alex Urbina, on KHTS Radio. For more information on Réal Andrews, visit his website or check out his other sites, The Warrior Box and Fuel 4 Anglers.  Click here to check out the latest podcasts of Getting Real.

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